Nu se ştie de ce mi se spune adesea "tu".
N-am băut cot la cot Bruderschaft cu niciunul dintre ei.

joi, 4 martie 2010

Feelings 2.

I'm just walking down the street,people are starring at me like I'm a criminal or something like that.Many thoughts in my mind make me out of control.I can't think about anything,only about your smile,your eyes and yes,of course,you.

In this weekend I'm just going to stay in my bed.Yes,that's what I need.I can't fall asleep with a broken heart,so I'm just gonna yell,cry or regret some actions.What's with this guy?He's a patetic womanizer,a jackass,and I'm a silly girl who her friends betrayed her.A part of them,but the worst thing is that her best friend likes him.Complicated...

I'm not even the same person since this day.I don't even smile,laugh or speak like I do the other days with Cez.What if I tell her my secrets?She can't help me,nobody can.I feel like everyone,every single person in my life disappointed me.If I'll listen more to Alicia Keys I guess I'm gonna cry like I never did in my entire life.Sometimes,you just need to be alone.Sometimes,in your life you wait for something great to happen.I guess that never happens for me.Not even an ice-cream can take away this pain that I feel.

When I see 'em coming,my hearts beats so fast...But the truth is that he's not coming for me,he's here for her.I don't even care about how my hair looks,or how I'm dressed,or if I've done my homework,or if I have money to buy myself a gloss.Screw everything!

I'm gonna enjoy a cup of white hot choco,hopping that it'll bring me back to reality.
See you later.

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Axe™ spunea...

Totul se rezuma la un singur sir de lacrimi. Daca ai puterea sa mergi mai departe acest sir nu te va mai lovi. E unic in viata unei femei:).